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When your lawyer makes a mistake, sometimes the only thing you can do is bring a legal malpractice claim against him or her. Sometimes an attorney misses a statute of limitations or important deadline. Other times, the attorney may have forgotten to tell you important information that would have changed your decision making and, thus, the outcome of your case. If you think your attorney may have made such a mistake and caused you economic damages, we may be able to help.

In order to prove legal malpractice, you must first prove that your attorney made a mistake. You must then prove that if the attorney had not made the mistake the result would have been in your favor. Often, this is very difficult to do. In any legal malpractice case, we first start by making a demand to the attorney and his or her malpractice insurance company. Many times we can settle the case either up front or after a mediation. In most cases we only proceed with litigation if mediation is not successful. 

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Most of our legal malpractice cases are contingency cases. Typically, our attorney fees are one third of the total amount of money we recover on your behalf up until the time of arbitration or trial.  If the case proceeds to arbitration or trial, then our attorney fees are 40 percent of the total recovery. We are not paid unless you are paid. In most cases we require our clients to deposit funds with our office to cover costs of the case, such as filing fees. This can be done as one up front retainer or as a monthly payment that builds over time. Occasionally, we represent a client on an hourly basis, in which case our normal rate is $325 per hour.

The statute of limitations in Oregon for legal malpractice is two years from the discovery of the malpractice. Sometimes it can be difficult to determine when the malpractice was discovered, so it is important to talk to a legal malpractice attorney as soon as you think there might have been malpractice.

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