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Sometimes disagreements arise in the administration of an estate. This can happen when an heir disputes the validity of a will or when a beneficiary of a trust thinks the trustee is not doing their job properly, among other things. We help guide our clients through the litigation process and try to settle disputes, when possible. 

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The first step with any probate litigation matter is setting up a 15 minute free phone consultation with our office. The initial consultation is where we obtain more information about your particular situation and help determine if we are a good fit for you. During the consultation we will provide you with an outline of the legal issues in your case and how our firm can be of service. If your case involves numerous and/or complex issues, then you may need to schedule a longer 30 or 60 minute consultation.  We charge $150 for a 30 minute consultation and $300 for a 60 minute consultation.

Depending on the complexity of the issues in your case, it is important to understand the costs associated with any probate litigation case. Clients are required to deposit a retainer into our firm’s client trust account which is billed against each month.  Most probate litigation retainers will fall between $5,000 and $10,000 depending on a number of factors including, but not limited to, complexity of issues, whether there are time sensitive issues and/or the need to retain other professionals for your case.  The standard hourly rate for our attorneys is $325. Occasionally we will agree to represent a client on a contingency basis, but that is rare.

Most probate cases are routine and do not require you to do anything. However, if you are concerned about the validity of a will, the appointment of a particular person as the executor or personal representative, or feel that the case is not moving as quickly as you think it should, you should contact our office. We can talk to you about the process and help you determine if you want to get involved in the case.

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