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We represent clients in all aspects of family law. This includes divorce, custody, parenting time, support, and third-party rights matters.

  • Divorce, separation, and annulment
  • Child custody
  • Modification of custody, parenting time, and support
  • Child and spousal support
  • Property division
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Third party rights
  • Judgment enforcement/collections
  • Mediation
  • Appeals

We practice in all areas of family law and have a reputation for bringing a practical approach to the legal process. Family law in Oregon covers many issues including divorce, separation, annulment, custody, parenting time, support, and modification cases. It also covers premarital agreements, third party rights, and domestic partnerships. The law and the process involved in a family law case can be complicated. We recognize that when clients come to our office with a family law matter, it is not at the high point in their lives. Matters relating to custody and parenting time can be particularly emotional for families. Our attorneys bring compassion and understanding to the process. We break down the legal issues so clients can make informed decisions about their cases.

Sometimes a family law case will require working with other professionals such as a property appraiser, custody evaluator, tax professional, and business valuator. Our firm has an excellent working relationship with these professionals and utilize their services to achieve the best result for our clients. Clients can expect that we always will seek to bring about an amicable resolution to their family law cases. This is almost always best for the family, particularly when children are involved. However, we are not afraid to advocate for our clients’ positions in court if amicable resolution is not achieved. Our attorneys have a good record for receiving attorney fee awards for our clients whose cases have been prolonged and/or drawn into litigation by unreasonable positions taken by the opposing party.

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The first step with any family law matter is setting up a 15 minute free case evaluation with our office. The initial evaluation is where we obtain more information about your particular situation and help determine if we are a good fit for you. During the evaluation we will provide you with an outline of the legal issues in your case and how our firm can be of service. If your case involves numerous and/or complex issues, then you may need to schedule a longer 30 or 60 minute consultation.  We charge $150 for a 30 minute consultation and $300 for a 60 minute consultation. Click here to schedule a paid consultation.


Every family law case is different.  Depending on the complexity of the issues in any given case, it is important to understand the costs associated with any family law case. Clients are required to deposit a retainer into our firm’s client trust account which is billed against each month.  Most family law retainers will fall between $3,500.00 to $10,000.00 depending on a number of factors including, but not limited to, complexity of issues, whether there is a need for temporary orders, whether there are time sensitive issues and/or the need to retain other professionals for your case.  The standard hourly rate for our attorneys ranges from $250 to $325.


It is not uncommon for many folks to want to save on the emotional and financial costs associated with going to court. Sometimes a married couple is able to reach a preliminary agreement on all issues related to their divorce even before hiring an attorney. While we cannot represent both parties in a divorce, we can assist one of the parties with the preparation of the necessary legal pleadings to accomplish an uncontested divorce. If you are interested in doing an uncontested divorce you should first set up a time to consult with one of our attorneys to discuss whether this is a viable option and how we can best assist you.

If you have been served with legal documents from your spouse or former partner, it is important to take immediate action. The law requires a party to respond within a certain matter of time depending on the type of case. After you have read the paperwork, contact our office to set up an initial case evaluation to discuss your situation.

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